6 Top Dating Tips For Christian Singles

Christian Singles Should Read These Dating Tips

Any woman or man dedicated to their Christian faith and willing to focus solely on God in their lives often find navigating the arena of modern dating extremely difficult. There are a lot of difficult questions that come to mind when starting a new relationship, especially around God and faith. These questions are not easy to answer or set aside. Christians focused on marriage and ready to commit to their partners require sound Christian dating advice when they meet a potential mate. Christian dating rules and guidelines are important as they help them nourish their new relationships in accordance with the scriptures and the teachings found in the Bible. Here are a few guidelines on dating for Christian singles that will help guide them in their courtship period and lives:

Christian Dating Tips

Focus On Growing Your Partner’s Faith

In the book of 2 Corinthians 6:14, Christians are warned that dating a person who does not have a relationship with Christ is dangerous and akin to playing with fire. A Christian single ought to be careful when choosing a potential mate to ensure that they get a sense of their commitment to faith. It is advisable for the dating Christian couple to focus more on growing each other’s faith and belief in God. This will deepen their understanding as well as their connection with God.

Use Social Media Networks Wisely

Social media forms a key aspect in the modern world and it is one of the mediums that people are using for dating and interacting with potential mates today. There are a number of Christian dating platforms that come with advanced vetting and matching systems capable of bringing eligible Christian singles together from all parts of the world. Despite the medium used by Christians to meet and interact with their mates, it is important to ensure that God is given his rightful place as he works through all of them. As Christians you should understand the various perils that modern technology especially social media can bring about. Christians should consider the interactions they make via their social media accounts. The interactions should be kept free of teasing or flirting if the relationship is not going anywhere as social media enables people to wear a mask that conceals their intention to fully commit to the other. Christians should be responsible when using their social media and take care not to do ungodly acts.

Here is a great YouTube video to watch with some other things not to do when Christian dating.

Focus on Obedience Over Passion

When dating, a Christian ought to understand that it is not everything that they do is right and feels good. Giving in to passion feels great but it is not the right thing to do. The authority of Jesus Christ ought to precede your physical desires and drives. The society advocates that you should agree to be carried by the moment but Christ orders you to remain obedient to the word of God. When you are dating it is very easy to fall into temptation as the nature of your relationship comes with a lot of temptations. The Bible advises Christians to wear the full armor of God in the book of Ephesians 6:10 – 20 in order to resist any temptations that may come your way. As a couple, you should strive to focus on obedience rather than your passion.

Setting Limits When it Comes to Physical Expressions

A Christian couple is not restricted from physical expressions of the love they have for each other, but it should be exercised with a lot of care. Intimacy and physical touch should match with commitment meaning that it should only take place after you are rightfully married and not after getting engaged. You and your partner should set limits mutually to avoid putting each other in temptations. Both partners should be involved in the setting of mutual boundaries as it reflects a high degree of maturity. If your partner is not comfortable with any form of physical expression, you should not force them and vice versa. You should learn to honor and respect each other in order to flourish a strong and beautiful relationship.

Draw One Another in Important Relationships

Dating can isolate you from fellow Christians in your lives. The closer you become with your girlfriend or boyfriend, the farther you grow away from other important associations. If you are not careful, the devil might take this chance and exploit it to the fullest. You should fight the desire to date by yourselves and instead try and draw one another into other important relationships. You should double on your friends and family with communication, affection and intentionality while dating. It is important to rope in great friends and couples that will help you date within the confines of Christianity. They will help in holding you accountable in your relationship as well as offer you with wise counsel on how to date right as Christians.

Cultivating the Right Desires

Christian dating rules do not often take into account that the desire to getting married is not only real but also good. God created this kind of desire in man’s heart to make them act upon it. Modern dating has altered the views of many on marriage with most looking for mates who match their education, personality, family background and income. You should consider looking for a potential mate whose Christian faith complements yours and presents you with the opportunity to grow it more. Dating with the intention to get married is a form of cultivating the right desires. You should take dating lightly and not compromise on any of your Christian beliefs just to get someone who matches your values and standards. You should take your time to nurture the right desires in each other prior to getting married.

Here is a great Tweet from Godly Dating 101 that reinforces the point.


A lot of Christians are finding it difficult to cope in courtship period due to the influence of modern dating methods and techniques. It is therefore important for the church and community to offer proper Christian dating tips and guidelines to guide dating couples in this important phase of their lives. Following all the dating guidelines for all Christian singles will lead to strong and fruitful relationships anchored on God.