6 Tips on Best Places for Christian Singles to Meet

Christian Church for Meeting Christian Singles

Places Christian Singles Can Meet Other Christian Singles

A lot of eligible Christians looking for potential soul mates are often confused over the best places to meet their potential soul mates. A large number of them are grappling with many questions on where to find the perfect spouse who shares their Christian belief and ideals. There are a lot of good Christian singles hovering around looking for eligible partners according to relationship experts and therefore you should not lose hope in your quest to find a godly spouse. Here are some of the best places for single Christians to meet:

Your Church Home

Despite the fact that the church is an obvious choice, you can really take your time and find your right partner. There are so many single Christians who come to church week in week out who you can mingle with and end up in marriage. You should take your time and study a few of the single Christians that you might consider to be your perfect match and take a chance to ask them out for coffee to get to know them better.

Serving in the Church Ministry

If you love participating in the church ministry then you will find no other better place to meet eligible Christian singles than out there in the battlefield. Serving in the church ministry requires a lot of sacrifice and commitment and only a small fraction of the Christians will commit themselves to it. This will narrow down your search criteria and make it easier for you to find a partner whom you share the same passion of serving in the church.

Small Groups

Different churches have various small groups that deal with diverse topics, age groups, locations and interests. You can get the chance to forge meaningful and great relationships with others by taking part in these small groups. You will only need to look at a group that equals your style and join it with the hope of finding a person who you can start a meaningful relationship with.

Christian Retreats / Conferences

Christian conferences and retreats are another great place to meet single Christians. There are so many people attending such events from diverse backgrounds. There will be a lot of opportunities to meet and mingle with the participants during the retreats/conferences. You should be on the lookout for a conference/retreat that you will be interested in to increase your chances of meeting that special person. One place to look is on social media like Instagram.


Most singles fear attending weddings due to the constant reminder that they are still single while their mates are getting married. You should not dread attending weddings as they present you with great opportunities to meet new people and you never know maybe your God-chosen partner will be in attendance. Go ahead and ensure you honor all those wedding invites you get as they will be great opportunities to meet great single Christians.

Online Dating Sites

Modern technology advancements have made it possible for people to meet and interact with people from various places in the world online. There are so many social media networks and dating sites/apps that make it possible for singles to meet and connect. However, you must ensure that if you opt for this method of meeting single Christians ensure that you only do it via strictly Christian dating sites/apps.


Love is a beautiful thing and it can be found anywhere as long as you place yourself in the right places. All the above are some of the best places for Christian singles to meet. It is advisable to position yourself in such places as they will increase your chances of meeting an interesting person.

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