Should Christian Singles Date People of Other Religions?

Should Christians Date Other Religions

Is Dating Someone with Another Religion Acceptable for Christians

Christians often find themselves in difficult situations especially when it comes to dating. A large number of them prefer dating fellow Christians and set off to look for the perfect partners. However, the search for a godly partner might not bear fruit for a number of years to a point that waiting on God may feel longer and hope starts to fade away. This drives some single Christians to second guess their original standards and start thinking that they were unrealistic in their choice of a preferred partner. It is during this struggle that most of them ask themselves the question: should Christian singles date people of other faith?

What Does the Bible Say?

In the Bible Christians are warned about the hardships they are likely to experience should they choose to marry a nonbeliever. In the book of 1 Corinthians 10:23, Apostle Paul wrote to a group of new believers to answer their question on what they were expected to do and not to do as Christians. It is in this exact verse that Paul advises Christians to not only consider whether doing something is okay but also ask themselves whether that thing will be beneficial to their faith. This verse seems to address any issue that is not directly addressed in the bible. It is okay to date a person who does not profess the Christian faith but putting Paul’s lesson in action, you will need to ask yourself a few questions.

You should consider whether your action of dating a nonbeliever will benefit your walk with Christ or whether it will push you closer to God. It would not be a sin to date a nonbeliever but it will be a calamity to allow okay to get in the way of getting that which is best for you. Another verse, 2 Corinthians 6:14 reminds Christians of the importance of being bound to other believers. This can be construed as God’s wish for believers to be bound with their own in order to become one emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Importance of Waiting on God

Most Christian singles know all the above deep down even though they may be contemplating to date people outside their faith. It is not easy waiting for love but the Bible advises us to wait upon the Lord for his timing is the best. Most Christians find the wait tiring and are tempted to date people outside the church, which is akin to settling for less. Christians should understand the importance as well as the reason for waiting. Rushing to marry a person due to our impatience can be a disaster waiting to happen as you might end up getting hurt later on in your marriage. As Christians we should wait patiently upon the Lord as he is the one who directs each and every part of our life as well as providing for us.


As a Christian, you are not limited to only dating Christian singles with whom you can connect with in every aspect. This is an invitation that you get as well as the encouragement to find a partner who you can chase the gift of a strong marriage together. However, the final choice is yours to make and the preference you make will determine the kind of life you lead eventually. God is always there for you and you should pray for tolerance whenever you are tempted to settle for less than what he has in store for you.

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